Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Quick Tips

1. Ask Constructive Questions

If you ask employees "Why can't we hit the budget targets" you'll be told why it's not possible. But if you ask "How can we reach the budget target" your team will suggest possible soultions to reach your goals.

2. Create last minute presentations

Even if you have very little time you can still pull together great presentations. Simply draft a list of key points you want to make during your speech and then turn those into questions for the audience ot discuss.

If you have more time, see 10 top tips for slides that have impact for more tips on putting together presentations.

3. Persuade through body language

To sell an idea, lean forward just a bit, you'll come across as more persuasive

4. Power through an off day.

Leaders must always be charming and dynamic, even when they don't feel like it. So, smile and look the other person in the eye. Forcing yourself to act as if you are operating at top speed can make you actually feel that way.

Adapted from www.briefings.com

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