Tuesday, 16 June 2009

How to manage your sign on passwords

Is it me or are you finding that you need the memory of an elephant to remember all those passwords for all your different applications?

One solution, which I'm sure many follow, is to use the same password for each account. Problem with that though if one password becomes compromised, someone might get access to all your accounts and steal your identify or defraud you.

Not good. However, here is one solution which I've been trialing now for a couple of weeks and really works for me, plus it's a very secure, combining numbers and letters.

Here we go. Most passwords require a minimum of 8 characters.

So, what I do is pick 3 letters, which can either be your initals or 3 random characters on your keyboard, for instance you could pick the letters ASD and move your fingers immediately above them and use QWE, then 2 digits, which could be your birthday, house number or wedding anniversary, then follow it up with 3 digits of the name of the site.

For example, for Amazon. You could have QWE30AMA or if you remember it better AMZ.

Easy...try it and see if it makes a difference to you!

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Frode H said...

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